Source code for django_elasticsearch_dsl_drf.tests.test_search_multi_match

Test multi match search filter backend.

from __future__ import absolute_import

import unittest

from import call_command

from nine.versions import DJANGO_GTE_1_10

import pytest

from rest_framework import status

from books import constants
import factories
from search_indexes.viewsets import (
from ..filter_backends import MultiMatchSearchFilterBackend

from .base import (

if DJANGO_GTE_1_10:
    from django.urls import reverse
    from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse

__title__ = 'django_elasticsearch_dsl_drf.tests.test_search_multi_match'
__author__ = 'Artur Barseghyan <>'
__copyright__ = '2017-2020 Artur Barseghyan'
__license__ = 'GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1'
__all__ = (

[docs]@pytest.mark.django_db class TestMultiMatchSearch(BaseRestFrameworkTestCase): """Test multi match search.""" pytestmark = pytest.mark.django_db
[docs] @classmethod def setUpClass(cls): super(TestMultiMatchSearch, cls).setUpClass() # Book factories with unique title cls.special_count = 10 cls.special = factories.BookWithUniqueTitleFactory.create_batch( cls.special_count, **{ 'summary': 'Delusional Insanity, fine art photography', 'state': constants.BOOK_PUBLISHING_STATUS_PUBLISHED, } ) # Lorem ipsum book factories cls.lorem_count = 10 cls.lorem = factories.BookWithUniqueTitleFactory.create_batch( cls.lorem_count ) # Book factories with title, description and summary that actually # make sense cls.non_lorem_count = 9 cls.non_lorem = [ factories.BookChapter20Factory(), factories.BookChapter21Factory(), factories.BookChapter22Factory(), factories.BookChapter60Factory(), factories.BookChapter61Factory(), factories.BookChapter62Factory(), factories.BookChapter110Factory(), factories.BookChapter111Factory(), factories.BookChapter112Factory(), ] cls.all_count = ( cls.special_count + cls.lorem_count + cls.non_lorem_count ) cls.cities_count = 20 cls.cities = factories.CityFactory.create_batch(cls.cities_count) # Create 10 cities in a given country. The reason that we don't # do create_batch here is that sometimes in the same test city name is # generated twice and thus our concept of precise number matching # fails. Before there's a better approach, this would stay so. The # create_batch part (below) will remain commented out, until there's a # better solution. cls.switzerland = factories.CountryFactory.create(name='Wonderland') cls.switz_cities_count = 10 cls.switz_cities_names = [ 'Zurich', 'Geneva', 'Basel', 'Lausanne', 'Bern', 'Winterthur', 'Lucerne', 'St. Gallen', 'Lugano', 'Biel/Bienne', ] for switz_city in cls.switz_cities_names: cls.switz_cities = factories.CityFactory( name=switz_city, country=cls.switzerland ) # cls.switz_cities = factories.CityFactory.create_batch( # cls.switz_cities_count, # country=cls.switzerland # ) cls.all_cities_count = cls.cities_count + cls.switz_cities_count cls.sleep() call_command('search_index', '--rebuild', '-f') # Testing coreapi and coreschema cls.backend = MultiMatchSearchFilterBackend() cls.view = BookMultiMatchSearchFilterBackendDocumentViewSet()
def _search(self, search_term, num_results, url=None): """Search.""" self.authenticate() if url is None: url = reverse( 'bookdocument_multi_match_search_backend-list', kwargs={} ) data = {} # Should contain 20 results response = self.client.get(url, data) self.assertEqual(response.status_code, status.HTTP_200_OK) self.assertEqual(len(['results']), self.all_count) # Should contain only 10 results filtered_response = self.client.get( url + '?search_multi_match={}'.format(search_term), data ) self.assertEqual(filtered_response.status_code, status.HTTP_200_OK) self.assertEqual( len(['results']), num_results ) def _search_boost(self, search_term, ordering, url=None): """Search boost. In our book view, we have the following defined: >>> search_fields = { >>> 'title': {'boost': 4}, >>> 'description': {'boost': 2}, >>> 'summary': None, >>> } That means that `title` is more important than `description` and `description` is more important than `summary`. Results with search term in `title`, `summary` and `description` shall be ranked better than results with search term in `summary` and `description`. In their turn, results with search term in `summary` and `description` shall be ranked better than results with search term in `description` only. :param search_term: :param ordering: :return: """ self.authenticate() if url is None: url = reverse( 'bookdocument_multi_match_phrase_prefix_search_backend-list', kwargs={} ) data = {} filtered_response = self.client.get( url + '?search_multi_match={}'.format(search_term), data ) self.assertEqual(filtered_response.status_code, status.HTTP_200_OK) self.assertIn('results', for counter, item_id in enumerate(ordering): result_item =['results'][counter] self.assertEqual(result_item['id'], item_id)
[docs] def test_search_boost(self, url=None): """Search boost. :return: """ # Search for: The Pool of Tears self._search_boost( search_term="The Pool of Tears", ordering=[ self.non_lorem[0].pk, self.non_lorem[1].pk, self.non_lorem[2].pk, ], url=url ) # Search for: Pig and Pepper self._search_boost( search_term="Pig and Pepper", ordering=[ self.non_lorem[3].pk, ], url=url ) # Search for: and Pepper" self._search_boost( search_term="and Pepper", ordering=[ self.non_lorem[3].pk, self.non_lorem[4].pk, self.non_lorem[5].pk, ], url=url ) # Search for: Who Stole the Tarts self._search_boost( search_term="Who Stole the Tarts", ordering=[ self.non_lorem[6].pk, ], url=url ) # Search for: Stole the Tarts self._search_boost( search_term="Stole the Tarts", ordering=[ self.non_lorem[6].pk, self.non_lorem[7].pk, ], url=url ) # Search for: the Tarts self._search_boost( search_term="the Tarts", ordering=[ self.non_lorem[6].pk, self.non_lorem[7].pk, self.non_lorem[8].pk, ], url=url )
[docs] def test_search_selected_fields(self, url=None): """Search boost. :return: """ # Search for (only in `title` and `summary`): and Pepper self._search( search_term='title,summary:and Pepper', num_results=2, url=url )
[docs] def test_search_boost_selected_fields(self, url=None): """Search boost. :return: """ # Search for (only in `title` and `summary`): and Pepper self._search_boost( search_term='title,summary:and Pepper', ordering=[ self.non_lorem[3].pk, self.non_lorem[4].pk, ], url=url )
[docs] @unittest.skipIf(not CORE_API_AND_CORE_SCHEMA_ARE_INSTALLED, CORE_API_AND_CORE_SCHEMA_MISSING_MSG) def test_schema_fields_with_filter_fields_list(self): """Test schema field generator""" fields = self.backend.get_schema_fields(self.view) fields = [ for f in fields] self.assertEqual(fields, ['search'])
[docs] @unittest.skipIf(not CORE_API_AND_CORE_SCHEMA_ARE_INSTALLED, CORE_API_AND_CORE_SCHEMA_MISSING_MSG) def test_schema_field_not_required(self): """Test schema fields always not required""" fields = self.backend.get_schema_fields(self.view) fields = [f.required for f in fields] for field in fields: self.assertFalse(field)
if __name__ == '__main__': unittest.main()