Source filtering backendΒΆ

Allows to control how the _source field is returned with every hit.

By default operations return the contents of the _source field unless you have used the stored_fields parameter or if the _source field is disabled.

You can turn off _source retrieval by using the source parameter:

from django_elasticsearch_dsl_drf.filter_backends import (
from django_elasticsearch_dsl_drf.viewsets import (

# Local article document definition
from .documents import ArticleDocument

# Local article document serializer
from .serializers import ArticleDocumentSerializer

class ArticleDocumentView(BaseDocumentViewSet):

    document = ArticleDocument
    serializer_class = ArticleDocumentSerializer
    filter_backends = [SourceBackend,]
    source = ["title"]

To disable _source retrieval set to False:

# ...
source = False
# ...

The source also accepts one or more wildcard patterns to control what parts of the _source should be returned:

# ...
source = ["title", "author.*"]
# ...

Finally, for complete control, you can specify both includes and excludes patterns:

# ...
source = {
    "includes": ["title", "author.*"],
    "excludes": [ "*.description" ]
# ...


Source can make queries lighter. However, it can break current functionality. Use it with caution.